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Maintenance & Facilities

The Waterville School District understands the importance of maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment for staff and students and our community.  One of our District goals includes continuing to improve the "climate and facilities" throughout the district.  We are proud of the major projects that we have completed over the past 6 years, and an annually review facilities to detect and update priorities.

Facility Use 

We believe that public schools are owned and operated by and for the community. The public is encouraged to use school facilities, but will be expected to follow the safety procedures we have in place for our students and staff. Groups and individuals who choose to use our facilities will also be expected to reimburse the district for such use to ensure that funds intended for education are not used for other purposes. 

Individuals interested in using our facilities will need to complete all items on the individual Use Checklist.

Groups interested in using our facilities will determine which group (1,2,3, or 4) best represents them and follow the appropriate Group Use Checklist.

Groups and Individuals will need to schedule use around the school day, (see the current school year calendar) and the district/scheduled events. Please continually check the facility use calendar. 

For questions regarding facility use please contact: 

Kaionni Deshazer

(509) 888-5615 

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Projects By Year

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