Wilcox Memorial Scholarship

George Wilcox Memorial and Common App Scholarship documents are available now.

GEORGE WILCOX MEMORIAL MASONIC SCHOLARSHIPFOR WATERVILLE AND MANSFIELD STUDENTS ANDSONS/DAUGHTERS OF MEMBERS OF BADGER MOUNTAIN LODGE #57 George Wilcox entrusted to the Badger Mountain Lodge a large portion of his estate to be used for the betterment and improvement of the Waterville Plateau and its residents. The George Wilcox Memorial Scholarship is Badger Mountain Lodge’s largest ongoing activity. Scholarships awarded to students or graduates of Waterville and Mansfield High Schools, or family members of Badger Mountain Lodge #57, for continuing their higher education at a university, college or trade school.

Scholarships shall be awarded based upon academic performance, industry, character, and need, and will be given annually to deserving students. The Selection Committee shall be the sole judge of need and other criteria in determining recipients. All information provided by the applicant will be treated by the scholarship committee as highly confidential. Each year, the number of scholarships awarded will vary according to available funds.

Students are eligible to receive the scholarship up to four (4) times.

Each one-year scholarship shall be in the amount of $2,000 and shall be payable per quarter or semester depending on the practices of the respective educational institution. Payments shall be conditional upon the respective recipient’s regular attendance at college, university or trade school. Should any student discontinue school attendance the unused portion of the funds will be returned to the Lodge to be held for two years. If after two years the student has not returned to school, the unused funds will revert to the Lodge funds and be used as the Lodge so directs. SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE: April 15th, 5 p.m., mail to: Badger Mountain Lodge #57 c/o Phyllis Browning, Secretary P.O. Box 370 Waterville, WA 98858

Scholarships postmarked later than April 15th will not be eligible for consideration.

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