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ASB / Student Leadership 6-12

The Mission of Waterville HS ASB states, "As the Waterville Associative Student Body, we strive to uphold the reputation of Waterville School's pride and integrity.  We will promote academic success and encourage participation in sports and clubs through example.  We will demonstrate how to be leaders by respecting our school, students, staff and ourselves.  We will work collaboratively within the ASB and outside of it to make the best choices in regards to bettering our school."  

In addition we strive to,

1.  Increase communication between the ASB, students, staff and the community.  

2.  Maintain financial responsibility for all branches of our student body by establishing and following correct procedures.

3.  Encourage and inspire students to become actively involved by taking opportunities from our school and those the community provides.  

4.  Demonstrate integrity, responsibility and respect towards other students, administrators and the community.


Students in grades 9-12 are eligible and encouraged to run for ASB office. In addition, our student government system includes class officers and a junior high ASB who work to realize the same mission.

Elections are advertised and posted for all students.  

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